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Photography After School Club


Bigland Green Primary School

Project Artist:

Ailsa Robertson


Summer Term 2014


Year 5 Gifted and Talented Pupils


Artist and Photographer Ailsa Robertson led a 9-week after school club for a group of 15 Gifted and Talented Year 5 pupils from Bigland Green Primary School. The pupils worked towards the Arts Award Explore.

The club had a photography focus; over the 9 weeks pupils learnt a variety of skills and techniques such as composition, focus and zoom, and the use of tripods and self-timer functions. The children took inspiration from their homes and families, taking carefully-considered photographs of their friends and parents in settings that reflected the sitter’s personality.

For the ‘Explore’ section of the Arts Award, the children visited the Nunnery Gallery with their parents and reflected on the work displayed there. They also visited an artist’s studio, interviewed

the artist about her work and had a go at printing using a press.

During their last session, the children hosted an exhibition of their work. Parents were invited to see what their children had achieved and comment on their work.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% of children reported that they enjoyed the project
  • 100% of children reported that they learnt new skills
  • The project developed the children’s knowledge of photographic techniques and styles
  • Children took ownership of their own work whilst contributing to a group exhibition
  • The project engaged parents with their children’s learning in the arts and encouraged an interest in their children’s achievements


  •  9 x artist-led workshops
  • 1 x gallery and studio visit
  • 1 x exhibition for parents
  • 11 x Arts Award Explore passes


“I learnt how to take pictures properly and how to use the tripod and the reflector.” Participant

“I learnt to take portraits perfectly. I had to decide the background and fix the lighting. The object had to be positioned nicely too.”  Participant

“I have learnt that being an artist isn't only a person who does art. It's a person who challenges themselves and does acting, exploring and filming. I have enjoyed everything.” Participant

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