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Robot Artwork


Stebon Primary School

Project Artists:

Mark Long and Mark Oliver


Summer Term 2014


60 students from Year 4


Artists Mark Long and Mark Oliver worked with two groups of Year 4 students who had been studying the Iron Man by Ted Hughes to design a series of robots for the Year 4 corridor. The robots were based on collage work and linked in to the Year 4 topic of electricity.

The children worked with Mark and Mark over 10 workshop sessions, learning skills in illustration and collage to create designs for the robots, and looking at the work of artists including Eduardo Paolozzi and Peter Blake.

Mark and Mark then amalgamated the children’s designs into designs for large robot reliefs, which they then produced and installed in the Year 4 corridor in vinyl. 

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% or participants reported that they enjoyed the project
  • 100% of participants reported that they had learnt a new skill
  • Children gained knowledge of new materials, techniques and artistic processes
  • The project reinforce the children’s learning in their Iron Man topic
  • Children developed a deeper understanding of artists and their work
  • Children learnt more about the design process
  • Children developed skills in working with collage and illustration
  • Children developed their teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Children took ownership of individual pieces whilst contributing to the whole
  • Children reported being inspired by working with professional artists
  • Children enjoyed developing creative designs and ideas and seeing the process followed through to a final artwork


  • 10 artist-led workshops in school
  • Permanent artworks for display in school


“I have learnt how to make a completely different picture out of another picture.” Student

“I have learnt that if you think something doesn't match, you can make it match with different materials.” Student

“I have learnt how to design a robot and I enjoyed doing the colour sticking thing.” Student

“I have learnt how to build my own robot.” Student

“I have learnt to make a collage and a montage.” Student

“I have learnt that you can do art with anything.” Student

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