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Summer Term Topic Projects


St Matthias Primary Schools

Project Artist:

Emma Corinne


Summer Term 2014


Pupils in Year 2, Year 4 and Year 5


Artist Emma Corinne worked with pupils from Year 2, Year 4 and Year 5 on practical art projects linked to their Summer Term topics.

Year 2 pupils made large-scale banners in response to the Christian creation story. Each banner represented a different day in the story, including the creation of night and day, the sea and sky, and fish and birds. Pupils utilised a variety of techniques to make each banner, learning about marbling, foam board printing, collage and painting with sand.

Pupils in Year 4 took inspiration from the book ‘Krindlekrax’ by Philip Ridley, which they had been studying as part of their Literacy work. Using descriptions of the characters and places in the book,children worked in small groups to design and make a 3D set and puppets using scrap paper and fabric. They used these to perform a puppet show of the story for children in Year 5. In addition, the class worked collaboratively to make a large sculpture of the Krindlekrax monster. They used withies to create the monster’s structure and then covered it with wet strength tissue paper.

Year 5 pupils took inspiration from the life and work of William Morris. After exploring the symbols, colours and materials Morris used in his work, the children painted their own ceramic tiles and printed wallpaper, decorated with symbols and icons that represent their beliefs.

Work from all three projects was displayed around the school for pupils and visitors to enjoy.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% of children reported that they enjoyed the projects
  • 100% of children reported that they learnt new skills
  • Children were introduced to a range of new skills e.g. working in 3D, printing, working with withies, ceramic painting
  • The project reinforced topic work and curriculum-based learning
  • Teachers learnt new skills and techniques for use with their pupils
  • Children worked collaboratively to create artwork


  • 9 x artist-led workshop days with children
  • Permanent 3D artwork for the school site: Krindlekrax sculpture, William Morris tiles and Creation Story banners
  • 1 x puppet show performed by Year 4 children


“I have learnt how to make a stencil with foam for printing” Year 2 child

“I have learnt the creation story” Year 2 child

“I have learnt that printing isn't as easy as it seems and that when you do printing you need to have lots of patience” Year 5 child

“I have learnt that William Morris was a famous person because when he was making his wallpaper he was inspired by nature. Today we were creating our own different wallpaper with different patterns” Year 5 child

“By the end of the project the children were able to suggest methods for constructing body parts for the Krindlekrax sculpture, rather than needing to be shown how to do it” Emma, Lead Artist

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