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News, Nunnery / 20th October 2017

I’ve never had that tune by Arctic Monkeys “I go crazy cause here isn’t where I wanna be” stuck in my brain while being in London. Read more

News, Nunnery / 7th September 2017

This is my last day. Read more

Artist Spotlight, News / 15th August 2017

Nye Thompson has had a studio with Bow Arts since 2013. Read more

Opportunities, Event, News / 7th August 2017

This Networking Evening is a chance to meet like-minded artists and designers from across London, have a tour around some of our Artist Studios and attend a talk on How to Professionalise your Practice. Read more

Education / 3rd August 2017

Last year saw the launch of our structured trainee programme for aspiring Artist Educators. Read more