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News, Nunnery / 3rd March 2017

The first impression I felt when walking into the Traces of the Future exhibit was the sense of decay. Read more

Education, News / 24th February 2017

Freshly arrived to London from Belgium, everything seems different just because it sounds different. Though sometimes it actually is. Read more

Artist Spotlight, Studios, Event, News / 21st February 2017

Marina Gonzalez is an artist who holds a studio at our IceHouse Court Site in Barking. Read more

Education / 14th February 2017

How do we play? How do we learn? What happens when we blur the line between the two? Read more

Education / 10th February 2017

Designer Haidée Drew worked with Year 5 pupils and Art Leader Kerri Sellens at Lansbury Lawrence Primary School to design, make and sell a series of objects inspired by the school’s history, furnishings, colours and architecture. Read more