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News, Nunnery / 20th October 2017

I’ve never had that tune by Arctic Monkeys “I go crazy cause here isn’t where I wanna be” stuck in my brain while being in London. Read more

News, Nunnery / 7th September 2017

This is my last day. Read more

Opportunities, Event, News / 7th August 2017

This Networking Evening is a chance to meet like-minded artists and designers from across London, have a tour around some of our Artist Studios and attend a talk on How to Professionalise your Practice. Read more

Studios, Event, Open Studios / 23rd May 2017

On Saturday 10th June this year St Katharine's Artspace Artists will be opening up their studios for you to see! Read more

Event, News, Nunnery / 15th May 2017

At an event that aims to bring international artists together yet separates by nationality, it is no wonder that the troubles, frustrations and questions around today’s politics crept into the 2017 Venice Biennale. Read more