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Mission Statement

Bow Arts' mission is to support community renewal in East London by delivering Arts and Creative Services through a financially sustainable model.


Bow Arts was established in 1995 when it moved into its Bow Road premises, formed of two adjoining buildings, and started providing artists’ studios on the site.  In 1996 The Trust became a registered educational charity and a company limited by guarantee. The educational programme run by Bow Arts offers employment opportunities to our artists which allows them to pay their rent and develop their creative skills at the same time.

In 1998, a grant from Arts Council England, allowed Bow Arts to employ a member of staff to coordinate the education work and start to develop strategies.  The grant also contributed towards the founding of The Nunnery, a contemporary art gallery housed at the Bow Road site.

At present, Bow Arts operates at the following sites:

We also operate a live/work scheme across a number of sites in Bow which provides housing for practising artist who have an interest in community work. We currently house around 100 artists in 8 properties, including the iconic Balfron Tower.

We also support artists through our sponsorship of the London’s Artist Quarter and Artist Studio Finder websites.

London’s Artist Quarter has been developed to showcase artists, their work and their activities in the East London area.  It is also a space where artists can share ideas, get involved in projects and find out about employment opportunities.

Artist Studio Finder is an online search facility for artists looking for a studio in London. It provides a central location where artists can quickly and easily find out about available studios across the city. It is a free platform that can be used by any London-based studio organisation to advertise their available spaces directly to artists.