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At Bow Arts we are committed to supporting East London communities and artists. In turn, we rely on all the support individuals, the community and artists can afford to give back. For almost two decades Bow Arts has supported community renewal by delivering arts and creative services through a financially sustainable model.

We aim to provide artists with studio rent at affordable prices whilst simultaneously improving the lives and education of young people through a diverse range of learning programmes which we offer to schools in East London. These programmes not only provide high-quality learning experiences but also offer employment opportunities to our artists which, in turn, enable them to pay studio rent and develop their creative skills.

However, we are no island. In other words, we are not entirely independent and any help we can get is crucial to the future continuation of our charitable aims. Luckily, there are many ways of supporting Bow Arts, so that financial assistance is not the only way for you to support us! Why not combine a visit to our beautiful gallery, the Nunnery, with a drink at our cosy Nunnery Cafe? Or simply follow us on Twitter?  Or visit our website now and again for the latest updates on all our exciting upcoming events? 

Of course there are also more traditional ways of supporting us which is why we have set up a PayPal account should you have any money spare to donate. To donate, please click the button at the top of this page.