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School Improvement:

The Arts:

Curriculum Programmes

  • Creative Literacy
  • International Primary Curriculum Units
  • Creative Curriculum / Topic-based Projects
  • ICT

Skills Development

  • Skills-based Programmes – animation / drawing / collage / 3D
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Creation of teaching resources



  • A core group of approximately 12 children form a production company, working with a professional animator to create an original stop-motion animation
  • Animations are linked to a current topic, theme or event, providing a creative way of delivering curriculum content whilst producing a teaching resource for future years
  • Example topics include:

The Olympics // Black History Month // Dinosaurs // Tudors // Healthy Eating

  • Pupils develop their literacy skills through the creation and performance of an original script
  • The children use a range of ICT equipment to capture, edit and screen their animation
  • Create the set and props in a range of media (as determined by the production company)

Outcomes and Impact   (taken from a recent Dinosaurs International Primary Curriculum Project):

  • Improved subject knowledge (raising attainment): English (writing, speaking and listening); ICT; Art and Design processes
  • Enhanced skills in research, communication, ICT, scriptwriting, performance
  • Improved teamwork and collaboration
  • Pupils took responsibility for their own learning
  • A legacy of the teaching resource for future year groups
  • Applied learning to a live project
  • Improved staff skills, knowledge and understanding

The lead artist reported increased confidence and self-esteem as pupils were allowed freedom of expression to develop their ideas and felt ownership over the finished product. The core group developed their leadership and communication skills as they facilitated their classmates to create the necessary set and props.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in school
  • Original devised script
  • Short animated film – a creative project and ongoing teaching resource for future years
  • Screening event for parents and celebration assembly for peers
  • DVD of the film for each participant as a record of the project


“I learnt how to make animation by working together in teams...Nothing could have made it better – it was the best!” Year 4 pupil

“It was difficult to get the children to take their morning breaks and sometimes they didn't, I had to insist that they took lunch as I needed to eat!” Lead artist

“They were a very confident bunch of students. They developed their ideas, produced artwork, produced an interesting animation, recorded sound and gained an understanding of how it is all put together.” Lead artist


Further Ideas:

  • Work with a professional writer to develop the script
  • Creative teaching resources for other subjects or year groups
  • An animated school prospectus for parents and potential pupils
  • A staff INSET or twilight session to share skills

Project Costs:

From £885 + materials (based on 6 workshop sessions @ £135 + planning meeting @ £75)

Costs vary dependant on the number of groups, length of animation and number of workshop days.


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