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Year 8 Art Enrichment Programme


Little Ilford School

Project Artist:

Emma Corinne


Summer Term 2014


20 Year 8 students


Twenty young artists from Year 8 worked with Emma during a ten-week Saturday programme to playfully explore the different ways in which recycled objects can be used in artwork.

Students worked together to make temporary sculptures and images using everyday materials. They drew on the work of many contemporary artists to create large and small scale portraits, abstract canvases and collaborative sculptures.

The group also went to see Stomp in the West End, where performers use everyday materials and junk to make percussion music.

Finally, the students presented their work in an informal exhibition for friends and family members. The group shared some of their new skills with visitors. The project was accredited by Arts Award Bronze.

Project outputs were showcased in a mini exhibition at the event and a public trail of artwork which took place across shops and spaces in Manor Park

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% of participants reported that they enjoyed the project
  • 100% of participants reported that they learnt new skills
  • Students gained confidence in their own abilities as artists
  • Students gained knowledge and skills in artistic processes and techniques, with reference to relevant contemporary artists. Students were able to respond to artists’ work through making
  • Students’ understanding of what art can be was broadened to include everyday materials and its relationship with everyday life
  • Family members’ perspective on the value of art was changed
  • Students took ownership over sharing event through creating supporting material independently


  • 10 x artist-led sessions in school
  • A broad range of collaborative artwork and supporting work
  • 1 x offsite trip to see Stomp
  • 17 x students gained Arts Award Bronze
  • 1 x student gained Arts Award Discover
  • 1 x consortium-wide celebration event
  • 1 x exhibition and skills sharing event for family members
  • 1 x display in a local shop as part of Manor Park Art Trail


“I have learnt to think outside of my little box to create art and not be afraid to make anything.” Student

“I have learnt that you can make art out of anything. It can be coffee or trash but there’s always a way to put it together to make a great piece of art. I have also learnt that there are a huge variety of artist which can inspire us to do great pieces. This project was a cool experience and made me look at art in another way.” Student

“Emma mentioned that some of the students felt more confidence within themselves through working on this project. That in receiving an Arts Award it helped them to feel more able and free to express themselves as young artists.” Emma, Lead Artist

“Students began to draw links between art and meaning, they were able to talk about their take on artists intentions or idea’s whilst looking at a new piece of work and were also able to create visual representations of their own ideas through creating group sculptures relating to Home / The Environment.” Emma, Lead Artist

“Art is everywhere and everything.” Student

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