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MAT After School Programme


George Green's School

Project Artist:

Ania Bas


Spring Term 2014


13 students from Year 8


Ania led an after school programme for Year 7 and 8 More Able and Talented (MAT) students and was structured around group obtaining a Bronze Arts Award. 

Students explored and responded to nautical themes in contemporary as well as considering their daily experience of living by the River Thames to develop personal interests and lines of enquiry. They visited the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich where they saw Yinka Shonibare.  Over the course of the term, each student produced a final piece of work in their chosen media.

The group attended a celebration event at George Green’s School to celebrate all the projects delivered within the consortium of nine schools on the Isle of Dogs. During the course of the day, they shared their new skills with Year 1 children from neighbouring Cubitt Town Infants School.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% of students reported enjoying the project
  • 100% of students reported that they had learnt something new as a result of the project
  • Students gained knowledge of contemporary artists
  • Students gained a broader understanding of art making and possible materials and techniques
  • Students became less risk-averse and understood the value of experimentation
  • Students gained leadership skills in facilitating the learning of younger children
  • Students enjoyed the opportunity to work on individual projects
  • Students developed skills in planning and budgeting to make a piece of artwork


  • 10 x after school sessions
  • 1 x off-site visit to the National Maritime Museum
  • 1 x exhibition and skills sharing session with Year 1 children
  • 13 x students gained Bronze Arts Award
  • Individual final pieces and supporting work


“During this project, we learnt to draw and paint without being afraid to make mistakes and just go for it as well as challenge yourself. Another thing that we learnt was that you can also use everyday resources for art and turn it into a part of your piece. Furthermore, one other thing we learnt was expressing ourselves in different ways using different materials and expressing the different moods and expression with different styles.” Participant

“In the project I learnt how to draw with my eyes closed - it helped me realise that not everything had to be perfect. I also learnt how to work in a group and with people of a different age range.” Participant

“I have learnt how to draw water without looking at it. I have also learnt to us my imagination to make what I want with a budget. Another thing I have learnt is how to draw things without looking and with my left hand. I have been able to work with the materials I wanted and create my own art project.” Participants

The students were committed to the after school club and excited about gaining Arts Awards as part of it. They understood how Arts Awards might impact on their future and be of help/use at later stage.” Lead Artist

Students were putting in extra hours to complete their pieces of work. There was an ongoing element of joy and excitement as students worked on pieces of work they wanted to work on. They commented it was first time they could make what they wanted not what they had to.” Lead Artist

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