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Year 10 After School Sculpture Programme


Sarah Bonnell

Project Artist:

Louise Sayarer


Spring Term 2014


9 Year 10 GCSE Art students


Students and the art department at Sarah Bonnell worked with Louise to explore different manifestations of mixed-media sculpture, employing wax, chicken wire, modroc, cardboard, string, foam and other materials. They used the theme of the human body as a starting point and thought about how the ‘body’ can be represented and understood in a number of ways; mentally, physically, figuratively and spiritually.

The process was materials-led, with students experimenting with and investigating how different materials and techniques can be used to express narrative and meaning in artwork. They also looked at other artists’ work and visited artist studio spaces in Essex House and met studio-holder Rosanna Dean for inspiration and ideas.

Students then developed individual projects and lines of enquiry. Each made a piece of sculpture and some presented their work to the rest of the group and staff members. 

Outcomes and Impact:

  • Students reported enjoying the project
  • Students learnt new skills and processes with latex, wax, modroc, mixed media and paint
  • Increased knowledge of artists’ practice and the vocation of being an artist through the studio visit
  • Students gained confidence in their individual ideas and how to realise these
  • Students understood the potential of expression through artwork
  • Students’ perspective on art was broadened beyond creating work that is ‘beautiful’
  • Students gained a deeper understanding of how materials can be used to express meaning
  • Teachers and students gained new approaches which they can pass onto their peers and other learners


  • 10 artist-led after school sessions
  • 1 artist-led studio visit
  • Individual sculptures and supporting work to be used for GCSE  
  • Presentations of work by students


“I learnt that art is not about how beautiful it is to the eyes but rather how beautiful it is to the mind. In the future I will think more about the materials I use and what they represent.” Year 10 student

“Students evidently really enjoyed the project – the questioning, making, drawing, contextualising with other artists and the developing of their own unique ideas.” Louise, Lead Artist

“ What I learnt from this workshop is that you do not know how powerful art is until you understand the meaning of it.” Year 10 student

“What I learnt is that you can create a story in something you make.” Year 10 student

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