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Healthy Eating


School Improvement:

The Arts:

Curriculum Programme | ECM Themes        

  • Healthy Eating
  • Cross-curricular links – English, ICT, Science, Art
  • Speaking, Listening and Literacy
  • Creative Curriculum

Skills Development | Teaching Resources

  • Skills development – drawing, painting, scriptwriting, animation etc
  • Original, child-created teaching resources embedded into future schemes of work



Artist-led projects to raise pupils’ awareness and understanding of Healthy Eating. Projects introduce pupils to a range of healthy foods, always including an element of tasting and discovering new foods, which are then incorporated into creative drawing, painting, writing, animation or murals.

Example activities include:

Observational Drawing and Painting: Working with a visual artist on observational drawing and paintings of different food groups (e.g. fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins etc).

Food Murals: Pupils scale up their drawings to create larger scale paintings on boards of fruit, vegetables and healthy foods for temporary or permanent display in the school hall or canteen.

Creative Writing and Animation: Pupils create a story and script that incorporates foods and messages of healthy eating. Pupils can then record their stories, using them as the basis for an audio story or stop frame animation.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in school
  • Artwork produced for display in the school hall or canteen
  • Audio recording or animated film that can be used as a teaching resource for future years
  • Animated film on display in school entrance screen for parents and visitors

Outcomes and Impact (taken from a recent Healthy Eating project):

  • Improved attitudes towards health and healthy eating – pupils now keen to try new fruit and vegetables
  • Raised attainment in art and design – with 100% of pupils demonstrating progress
  • Raised attainment across the curriculum – teacher assessment reported raised attainment in literacy (creative writing, speaking and listening) and ICT
  • Improved pupil knowledge and understanding in art, design and across the curriculum
  • Teachers reported feeling more confident to use artistic techniques in their teaching
  • Positive images and messages of healthy eating promoted throughout the school through visual reminders


 “The children were engaged and worked very hard. They were always keen to start and work to the best of their ability.” Year 3 Teacher

“The teachers said they were surprised by some individuals who shone when in these sessions. They were unaware of their talent.” Lead Artist

Further Ideas:

Animation project with another year group, on a different topic, e.g. the Ocean or Ancient Egypt

Linking literacy and visual art using puppets – making puppets and devising scripts for performance

Project Costs:

From £480 + materials (based on 3 workshop sessions @ £135 + £75 planning meeting)

Costs vary dependant on the number of class groups, workshop days or sessions and the types of activity.


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