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INSET & Staff Meetings


School Improvement:

The Arts:

Staff Development

  • Increased capacity within teaching team
  • Creative curriculum
  • Cross-curricular links
  • Creative planning across topics or IPC units

Skills Development

  • Skills development – drawing, painting, scriptwriting, animation etc
  • Enrich curriculum delivery
  • Increased staff confidence in using art in the classroom



Inspire your team through a hands-on session with a professional artist that will equip staff with the skills and confidence to lead arts-based activities in the classroom. Examples sessions include:

  • Transitions – a session to develop skills in KS2 staff that will help year 6 students to make the successful step to secondary school
  • Animation – learn how to make simple stop motion animations which develop ICT skills and support literacy through the creation of narrative, storyboards and scripting, and dialogue
  • Drawing and sketchbooking – staff are introduced to a range of transferable activities and techniques that support learning across the curriculum
  • ICT-based art – explore areas of creative crossover between ICT and art
  • Self portraits – develop your team’s observational drawing skills in your choice of media
  • Working with withies – introduction to how to manipulate willow and create large-scale works collaboratively
  • Creative planning – gain a deeper understanding about how to integrate art into other subject areas or topics such as ‘creative maths’ with the support, ideas and creativity of a professional artist


  • To develop staff skills, creativity and confidence
  • To support creative planning, building links with art across the curriculum
  • To provide tailored professional development for school staff
  • To strengthen team working

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions
  • Supporting resources available for circulation
  • Shared planning and preparation time
  • Creation of original artworks

Outcomes and Impact from a recent CPD programme with a consortium of schools:

  • 100% of participants said they could transfer what they learnt into their teaching practice
  • Participants reported that they gained ideas which could be integrated across the curriculum
  • Opportunities to share knowledge and practice with peers
  • Inspired, confident teaching and support staff
  • Effective response to teachers’ CPD needs


‘I will now use animation to promote speaking and listening skills, literacy (story writing) and art. It was a very enjoyable and useful session.’ Primary Teacher

‘I learnt that art can inspire lessons from all areas of the curriculum. Very enjoyable and informative. Thanks!’ Primary Teacher

‘I enjoyed working in a team, sharing ideas and learning from each other.’ Primary Teacher

‘Staff said this was the best INSET they had ever had. I would agree.’ Deputy Headteacher

Project Costs:

From £210 + materials (based on a staff meeting session @ £135 + planning meeting @ £75).

Costs vary dependant on the number of participants, workshop days or sessions


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