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Family Workshops

School Improvement:

Community Programmes

  • Family Learning workshops
  • Improving relationships between school and home
  • Shared learning opportunities

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills-based workshops – drawing, painting, collage, 3D, photography etc
  • Enriching curriculum provision


A Saturday or holiday creative workshop for parents and their children to participate in together. A number of artists lead workshop activities in different art forms, with participants taking part in a number of activities throughout the ½ day/day on a carousel.

Example activities include:

  • ‘Aspirations’ sculpture and photography: Participants create a significant object that represents their future aspirations, both individually and together. These are then incorporated into family and individual portraits. Participants can take their objects and a photographic print home with them
  • Collage / Mixed Media Portraits: Participants create collage portraits of each other, annotating them with the positive characteristics about that person, their favourite people, places and objects of significance
  • Storyboards or comic strips: Creating original creative stories that incorporate their families into their journeys or adventures
  • ‘Sweet Home’ Sculptures: Creating Gingerbread House style buildings and home structures with chocolate and sweets as your raw materials
  • Mosaics: jointly creating a sign for their house or a specific room at home
  • ‘Imagined Towns and Cities’ - Sculpture and Installations: The creation of simple model building structures of imagined homes. The individual models can collectively be made into a group installation over the course of the day.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • A range of artist-led workshops run as a carousel of activities
  • Original artworks to take home – 2D, 3D and photographic
  • Individual and family artworks created
  • Parents and children spend time together taking part in creative activities

Testimonies  (taken from a recent Family Learning Day):

“I never knew my son was so talented.” Parent

“I loved making my painting with my Mum.”  Pupil

“I’ve really enjoyed spending some time together with my son.” Parent

“We have never had so many parents taking such an active interest in school life outside of parents evening.” Head Teacher

Outcomes and Impact:

  • 100% of parents reported the experience as a positive and constructive interaction with their child
  • 100% of parents and children learnt new skills together
  • 100% of children said they had enjoyed the day
  • A number of parents reported learning new things about their child as a result of the day
  • 70% of parents said they would repeat similar activities with their children at home

Project Costs:

From £210 + materials per 30 participants (based on 1 workshop session @ £135 + planning meeting @ £75)

Costs vary dependant on the number of groups and participants

Further Ideas:

  • Run a family learning project during school time to launch or celebrate the end of a topic
  • Support pupils to lead short activities for their parents to share their learning
  • Join forces with other local schools and host your activity jointly at your local secondary school, with a cross over of age groups taking part to support transition
  • Theme your workshops around particular books, events or celebrations

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