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Working with Primary Schools


Projects explore the issues of transition from primary to secondary school and are designed to build stronger links between schools, staff and students.

Transition units are created which link the study of art and design in Year 5 and 6 to that at the beginning of Year 7 and prepare pupils for the move.

Where possible, projects include primary pupils visiting a secondary school site to work alongside older students in specialist art rooms in the art department.

Example activities:

Illustrated Maps: Pupils create illustrated maps of the local area. They are encouraged to think about and record their new journey to secondary school, and illustrate significant journeys and transitions they have made throughout their lives.

Emotion Cards: Pupils work on creating large-scale emotion placards, with one side holding illustrated images and text relating to their feelings about primary school (a memory, special place/person etc.), and the other side containing positive adjectives relating to their aspirations around secondary school

Time capsules: Pupils create collages or assemblages of important images or objects that represent their memories of primary school. These are then set in resin as permanent ‘time capsules’ that celebrate their primary school memories and experiences. Pupils can keep their capsules, or they can be assembled to create a group artwork to be left in their old school.

School Improvement:

Partnership Programmes

  • Promoting your secondary school offer to partner primary schools and parents
  • Supporting pupils’ transition from KS2 to KS3
  • Strengthening partnerships
  • Engaging with parents

The Arts:

Skills Development

  • Skills-based programmes – illustration/3D/map making/drawing/ceramics
  • Supports Artsmark applications
  • Contributes to Arts Award Qualifications –Student Leadership
  • Accurate transition data and examples of pupil attainment

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in schools – on both primary and secondary school sites
  • Secondary student leadership activities
  • An exhibition of the children’s work and celebration event for parents and peers
  • Original artworks – 2D, 3D and ceramics etc.
  • Accurate transition data and examples of pupil attainment in art and design

Outcomes and Impact (taken from a programme with one secondary and four primary schools):

  • Children more familiar with secondary school buildings and facilities and more confident about moving from primary to secondary school
  • Raised attainment in art and design
  • Stronger links made between schools and school staff, with more rapid pupil progress in Year 7 due to clear transition data and prior knowledge of pupils and their abilities
  • Increased secondary school profile in the community and with parents


“We were treated as if we were equal to the older students.”  Year 6 pupil

“I have enjoyed meeting and working with younger people.”  Year 7 student

“Students focused on the theme of transition to secondary school through their drawing and art making. This allowed them valuable time to consider what they saw as concerns or interests and to discuss these with the rest of the class and older students.”  Lead Artist

“I really enjoyed the workshops and I would love to come to this secondary school!”  Year 6 pupil

Project Costs:

From £615 + materials (based on two workshop days @ £270 + planning meeting @ £75).

Costs vary dependent on the number of schools, class groups and workshop days.

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