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Two packages to raise pupils’ awareness and understanding of sustainability and the environment
School Improvement:
The Arts:
Curriculum Programmes
  • Creative Curriculum / Topic-based Projects
  • Cross-curricular links eg. Literacy, science, geography, citizenship
  • Learning Outside the Classroom
  • Sustainable Schools
Skills Development
  • Skills-based programmes – Drawing / Painting / Animation / Photography / ICT / Installation art
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Improving the school environment – temporary or permanent artworks

Package 1: Campaigns

Children work with an artist to explore the meaning of sustainability and their own and others’ responsibilities towards creating a sustainable school. They use their ideas as a basis for creating artwork or interventions with positive images and messages promoting sustainability. Potential campaigns include recycling; healthy eating and seasonal foods; travel and transport; switching off lights and computers. Example outputs include:

Painted bins: Customise your school bins with original painted designs to encourage recycling and responsible approaches to rubbish and waste

Murals: Pupils convey campaign messages through large scale text and typography

Posters: Pupils use photography, drawing and ICT to create designs incorporating text and image

Creative Writing and Animation: Pupils create characters and a script that incorporate messages around sustainability. Pupils can then record their ideas, using them as the basis for an audio story or stop frame animation.

Physical Interventions: rubbish-made temporary sculptures; banners or placards; edible artworks

Project Costs

From £480 + materials (based on 3 workshop sessions @ £135 + £75 planning meeting)

Costs vary dependent on the number of class groups, workshop days or sessions.

Package 2: Environmental Art

Pupils explore the natural environment within and around your school as an inspirational starting point for creating artworks. Example activities include:

Observational Drawing and Painting: Work with a visual artist to produce observational artworks of different aspects of the natural environment (e.g. mini-beasts, plants and flowers, landscapes).

Land art: Reference significant artists to create small or large-scale environmental art from natural materials in your school grounds or other outdoor spaces. Document with photography to produce a permanent display.

Habitats and Environments – A Mini-beast Motel: Design and make purpose-built habitats for mini-beasts living in your school grounds.

Project Costs:

From £345 + materials (based on 1 day @ £270 + planning meeting @ £75).

Costs vary dependent on the type of artwork, number of class groups, workshop days or sessions.

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led practical workshops
  • High quality artworks – drawings, paintings, posters, murals, photographs, installations
  • Artworks for display

Outcomes and Impact:

  • Raised attainment: increased skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Increased staff confidence and skills using the arts across the curriculum and in the natural environment
  • Applied learning through live projects
  • Pupils work with new materials and concepts
  • Meaningful engagement with sustainability and tangible connections across the curriculum


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