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Teacher CPD | Photography: Cameras and images as tools for teaching

Tuesday 5th March 2024 , 5:15pm to 7:00pm

Join artist and photographer Elle Andrews to explore creative ways to incorporate camerawork and photography into classroom practice

Join artist and photographer Elle Andrews for a workshop that explores creative ways to incorporate camerawork and use of photography into classroom practice.

The primary aim of the workshop will be to equip teachers and educators with photography skills that enrich and broaden their practice without the need for expensive and/or hard-to-obtain equipment. The workshop will make use of readily-available technology – but please bring along something with a camera – whether that’s a school iPad, a phone, a Chromebook or something else with a digital camera that can be used in the workshop.  

The session will begin by examining the concept of ‘rephotographing’, reconstructing images using found, foraged, and recycled images as a resource.  This will be expanded through the exploration of range of camera techniques such as stop-motion animation or GIF making using free, accessible apps like Boomerang.

The workshop will offer ideas and suggestions about where these techniques could be used elsewhere in the curriculum – and to assist with information gathering, idea development or presenting activity at the beginning or end of a unit.  

These Bow Arts practical art CPD workshops for teachers aim to equip participants with skills that can be applied immediately in the classroom, while aiming to reshape attitudes to what it means to work with art materials sustainably.

The techniques explored in each workshop aim make use of inexpensive, easy-to-access art materials, and can be applied to primary and secondary school level. 

A 15% discount is available when booking 3 or more CPD workshops in a season. Please enquire for the promo code.

For more details, please contact Tom, Learning Project Manager at Bow Arts; tsherriff@bowarts.com 

183 Bow Road
London, E3 2SJ