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Exhibitions and Events

I Still Love – Franko B

Exhibition runs: 6th May - 5th June

PV: Thursday 5th May, 6.30-9.30pm

The Nunnery is open 1 – 5pm, Friday – Sunday

I Still Love is Italian artist Franko B’s first solo exhibition in London for seven years and features a series of embroidered canvases, never before shown in the UK.  A bold, eclectic artist, who for many years has been a leading figure on the international performance art scene, Franko B has selected a new approach and working method for this series of work. The canvases, which depict animals, flowers, portraits and the male body, as well as images of torture and war, return to the central themes of Franko B’s work – death, eroticism, intimacy, pain and compassion. These recurrent motifs find a delicate new means of expression through the exclusive use of red cotton on unprimed canvas.

Sunday 8th May (2pm): Artist’s Talk - Franko B will discuss the theories and concerns which inform his work and the diverse range of approaches he takes to producing art

Thursday 19th May (11am): Student Talk

Thursday 26th May (10am-4pm): School sessions

Thursday 2nd June (6.30-9pm): First Thursday Event - format to be confirmed

Open 2011 Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 18th June - TBC

PV: Friday 17th June, 6.30-9pm

The Nunnery is open 1 – 5pm, Friday – Sunday

Work selected from submissions by BAT artists.

Curated by Edward Lucie Smith & Max Presneill.

Saturday 18th June: Gallery Talk: details TBC

David Rickard – Title TBC

Exhibition runs: 30th Sept – 30th Oct

PV: Thursday 29th Sept, 6.30-9pm

The Nunnery is open 1 – 5pm, Friday – Sunday

Site Specific sculptural installation – more info to follow

Thursday 6th Oct (6.30-9pm): First Thursday Event – Artist Talk