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In Conversation: Dominika Kieruzel and Teddy May de Kock


Saturday, 26th of February

'In Bloom' A work in progress

Dominika Kieruzel and Teddy May de Kock invite you to share in their new performance at the Lakeside Centre, Saturday, 26th of Feb, 7:30, Media Space, floor 2.

They have been working together and experimenting over the last two months in areas of flowers, fear and conversation. The performance will be relaxed and a work in progress. They would love to talk to you afterward - some drinks and tea will be provided.

"We are pieceing together things that cannot give us peace. Come through in dreams, in constant thought circles and images haunting the mind. Looking for spontaniety in conversation. Flowers, fear and logic."

This collaboration is a part of program and is supported by Jerwood Arts and Bow Arts.