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Julie’s Bicycle Accelerator Programme 2018-20

Julie’s Bicycle is a London based charity that supports the creative community to act on climate change and environmental sustainability. Julie’s Bicycle has been working in partnership with Arts Council England to inspire environmental action across the arts and cultural sector for over a decade. This collaboration led to a pioneering policy intervention in 2012, when the Arts Council became the first cultural body to make environmental reporting and policy part of funding agreements for National Portfolio organisations. Collectively, these organisations have reduced energy consumption by 23% and made savings of £16.5 million.

The Accelerator Programme is a new strand of this work, recruiting two cohorts of up to ten organisations or consortia to work with Julie’s Bicycle to advance their sustainable practice and share insights with their peers and the wider sector. The programme will be looking at everything from touring models and audience engagement to design and supply chains, income generation and governance.

Bow Arts in collaboration with Artsadmin were selected to participate in the 2018-20 Accelerator Programme with a project which revolves around environmental sustainability within artist studios, arts materials and artistic practices.

We are looking find out what materials are being used, are there ways to reduce or re-use these materials, and do socio-economic factors such as time and money have an impact on how green an artist can be. Our aim is to establish ways in which we as arts organisations can inspire as well as assist artists to take sustainability in their practices to a new level:

 “Sustainability will become an integral part of artistic creation and decision making”.

You can read more about our progress on the Accelerator Project and Bow Arts' commitment to Sustainability by clicking on the blocks below.