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After School Clubs


Weekly after school artist-led workshops in drawing, painting, model making, textiles, sculpture, photography, print making, or other media. Children work in a relaxed setting and with various materials to explore individual and group creative projects. Projects can be themed or open-ended, and always support children in developing their creative ideas and own lines of enquiry.

School Improvement:

Community Programmes | Extended Services

  • Extra‐curricular offer
  • Encourage independent learning and support individual enquiry
  • Targeted learner groups – Gifted and Talented pupils or other groups
  • Option to accredit through the Arts Award

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills‐based programmes – drawing, painting, collage, 3D, photography etc
  • Exhibitions for school and artworks for pupils to take home
  • Group and individual projects
  • Enrich curriculum provision


  • To develop children’s artistic skills, creativity and confidence in your chosen art form/s
  • To enhance and enrich existing curriculum provision
  • To provide tailored learning opportunities for target learner groups, for example, Gifted and Talented learners
  • To enable children to work collaboratively alongside peers from other classes, year groups or schools in an informal environment
  • To produce excellent quality artwork for exhibition, display or for pupils to take home

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Weekly artist-led workshops after school
  • Original artworks – 2D, 3D or digital (dependant on chosen art form/s)
  • An exhibition of the children’s work for peers, families and the wider school community
  • Group artworks for display in school
  • Individual artworks for children to take home

Outcomes and Impact (taken from last 12 months after school programmes):

  • 100% of participants learned new skills
  • All children experienced art differently to in the classroom, broadening their perceptions of art and its application
  • Children worked effectively both in teams and individually – sharing ideas and techniques
  • 100% of participants developed their knowledge and understanding of artistic techniques
  • Children demonstrated a sense of pride and achievement in their finished products when showing work to parents and siblings
  • Staff reported an increase in pupils’ self-esteem, creativity, technique and understanding as well as skills and language in relation to the work carried out
  • Rapid enhancement of comprehension skills and use of artistic vocabulary 


“The children were focused and thoroughly involved in all the processes. They learnt new skills, worked together happily and enjoyed this club very much.”  Teaching Assistant

“The children have developed greatly during the after school projects – through their self-esteem, creative use of the medium, use of colour and understanding of techniques.”  Deputy Headteacher

“I learnt that art is not just getting messy; it’s part of how you are and what you do.”  Year 5 Pupil

“The project required pupils think and work independently, be open minded and explorative in their approach and to be resourceful and creative with their materials.”  Lead Artist

“It has been wonderful to see our children grow in confidence and take a lead in developing their own ideas and interests.”  Deputy Headteacher

Further Ideas:

  • Opening clubs up to parents to participate in family learning activities alongside their children, for regular sessions or one-off workshops
  • Exhibiting work in a community centre, local library, local shops or other community setting
  • An INSET or staff meeting to develop staff skills in parallel to the activities the children take part in

Project Costs:

From £975 per term + materials (based on nine sessions @ £100 + £75 planning meeting)
Costs vary dependent on the number of groups or sessions

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