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Permanent Artworks


Projects start with an introductory assembly, before class groups work with the artist on research and design-based workshops to generate ideas and imagery for the artworks. The artist then refines these ideas into a final design for sign off by the school. Pupils then work with the artist in small group making and production sessions to realise the design. Projects can include a practical staff meeting to introduce staff to new skills that can then be transferred back into classroom practice.

Projects can be linked to a school vision, values, topic or any chosen theme.

Example artworks include:

  • Murals – high quality painted murals for indoor or outdoor sites, either on boards or directly to walls
  • Mosaics – original mosaic artworks linked to a chosen theme
  • Vinyl Artworks – working with adhesive vinyl, artworks can be made from professionally laser cut shapes and designs, or collaged artworks made by the children. Vinyl artworks can be applied to windows, walls or other flat surfaces, or can be mounted and backlit in lightboxes.
  • Photographic prints – photomontage artworks using original photographs taken by the pupils, compiled into a final design. Photographic prints can be framed, printed onto a durable material such as Dibond panels, or can be mounted in back-lit lightboxes.
  • Textiles wall hangings – felt or fabric wall hanging panels
  • Flags and banners – handmade artworks made from textile elements, or illustrations and designs professionally printed onto flags or banners
  • Willow Sculptures – using cut willow to make a woven artwork, or using the material as a base structure and covering with wet-strength tissue for more detailed and colourful designs. Living willow can also be used, planted and woven as a living outdoor sculpture or structure.

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programmes 

  • Producing high quality original artworks
  • Applied learning on a live project
  • Links to creative curriculum/topics, and supporting cross-curricular learning
  • Learning Outside the Classroom - using the school grounds as a learning environment

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills development - research, design, making techniques.
  • Improving the school environment
  • Developing pupils' pride and ownership over their school environment
  • Responding to a brief

Illustrative Outputs 

  • Introductory assembly to launch the project
  • Planning, research and design sessions
  • Artist-led practical making sessions with pupils
  • High quality artworks installed in the school or school grounds
  • Launch/opening event for parents, peers and the wider community

Outcomes and Impact (taken from an outdoor sculpture project):

  • Raised attainment: 100% of pupils demonstrated an increase in skills, knowledge and understanding as a result of the project
  • Developed teamwork skills - worked collaboratively to realise a shared goal
  • Teachers reported feeling more confident to use artistic techniques in their teaching


“I'm just blown away by the work you did with Year 3 this term. Thank you.”  Assistant Headteacher

“I am SO pleased with the outcomes. Your staff worked very hard to produce artworks which will be around for many years to come – transforming the school from a space that an architect finds pleasing to a vibrant, personalised learning environment for our children.”  Executive Headteacher

"We love the art work and already cannot imagine our school without it!"  Deputy Headteacher

“We would recommend Bow Arts without hesitation.”  Deputy Headteacher 

Project Costs

From £1,425 + materials + installation (based on five workshop days @ £270 per day + planning meeting @ £75)
Costs vary dependent on the number of class groups, workshop days and size of the commission

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