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Recovery Curriculum

Bow Arts Learning Team are here to support your school in its recovery from the global pandemic. For enquiries please email

Some of the ways we can work with you...

Using the arts to foster wellbeing 

We are aware that the pandemic has had significant and ongoing effects on children’s wellbeing. Our projects can focus on or include elements of addressing the emotional needs of your pupils

Online CPD for teachers  

Live sessions with Artist Educators for groups of teachers. Upskilling in art techniques or digital programmes 

After-school sessions 

Working with those pupils who need extra support. Using the arts to develop skill and motivation in literacy and maths  


Identity & reflection projects for children during this uncertain time or transition from home learning to school learning. Your Year 7s will have missed out on key transition experiences, KS3-KS4 transition or transition from home learning to school learning

Half–term projects 

Choose your own focus and allow the opportunity for some children to benefit from additional creative activities during the holidays 

Small groups/ 1 to 1s 

For those children most affected or vulnerable 

Diversifying your arts curriculum 

We can work with you to create more inclusive learning by developing curricula that includes diverse artists and techniques  

Online arts projects 

Live stream Artist Educator sessions into your classroom 

Art specialist cover 

We can provide Artist Educators to cover Art and Design teachers who need to isolate or cannot work 

Secondary/ A Level/ BTEC/ Exam support 

We can offer portfolio support and individual student mentoring  

All of our Artists are receiving training on adhering to social distancing guidelines when working in schools. We will work with you to ensure the safety of your staff and pupils during our projects. 

As always, our projects will be bespoke to your school’s individual needs, so get in touch to discuss how we can support your recovery curriculum at