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Exam Support - Raising Attainment


A range of artist-led sessions to boost your students’ GCSE/A Level attainment. Sessions can be tailored to support the practical exam or coursework themes. The programme is designed to meet the needs of your students and can include one or more of the following:

  • One-off intensives or a series of workshops where students learn new processes and engage with artists’ practices to produce an original piece of work
  • A practical artist-led project responding to exam themes
  • One-to-one tutorials and mentoring to support coursework or exam preparation
  • A series of after school activities for a targeted grade boundary group
  • An inspiration visit to our studios to expose students to a diverse range of artists’ work and gain an insight into practicing artists’ working environments
  • A visit to the Nunnery Gallery to learn about gallery practices and producing exhibitions

School Improvement:

Curriculum Programmes | Raised Attainment

  • Raise attainment
  • Support whole class groups or targeted learners
  • Encourage individual learning and independent enquiry

The Arts:

Skills Development | Arts Enrichment

  • Skills development – sculpture, painting, photography, installation etc
  • Enrich curriculum provision
  • Support GCSE/A Level studies
  • Artwork for coursework / practical exams


  • To develop students’ artistic skills, creativity and confidence in their chosen artform/s
  • To raise attainment
  • To provide tailored learning opportunities for target learner groups
  • To enhance and enrich existing curriculum provision
  • To produce artwork and documentation to support GCSE/A Level practical exams

Illustrative Outputs:

  • Artist-led workshop sessions in school, artist studios or gallery space
  • Creation of original artwork – 2D, 3D or digital (dependent on chosen artforms)
  • GCSE/A Level coursework

Outcomes and Impact (taken from GCSE Booster programmes over 12 months):

  • GCSE results rose from 63.5% to 90% A*-C following a Bow Arts programme in one school
  • 100% of borderline students secured the higher grade
  • 100% of students learnt new skills and ways of thinking about art and the creative process
  • Students gained confidence in working with new processes and materials
  • Students gained understanding of professional practices through studio and gallery visits
  • One school achieved two GCSE grade A results, the first in the school’s history


“Students participating were C/D borderline. Additional, high quality coursework has helped make these solid Cs.”  Head of Art

"The potential A/A* students benefitted a great deal from the tutorials. It really made them think much more about their ideas and the meaning behind their work."  Head of Art

“I learnt that art is not about how beautiful it is to the eyes, but rather how beautiful it is to the mind. Anything is possible! Y10 Student

"We acted independently with our ideas. I felt like a real artist actually doing an artist's job." Student

Project Costs:

Costs vary dependent on the number of class groups, workshop days or sessions, for example:

  • Studio or Gallery visit – from £210 + materials (based on half day @ £135 + planning @ £75)
  • Two-day intensive – from £615 + materials (based on two days @ £270 + planning @ £75)
  • 10 weeks after school – from £1,075 + materials (based on 10 sessions @ £100 + planning @ £75)

If you are interested in finding out more about Bow Arts GCSE & A Levels boosters, get in touch at