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Event, News, Nunnery, Sustainability / 1st November 2019

On Thursday 14 November, composer, pianist, ClimateKeys founder and Extinction Rebellion (XR) arts activist Lola Perrin will be hosting an evening of conversation about the current issues Read more

News, Sustainability / 29th October 2018

We are delighted to have been awarded a £382,480 Small Capital Grant from Arts Council England to upgrade the iconic Lakeside Centre, Thamesmead, which we're currently bringing back to life Read more

News, Sustainability / 11th October 2018

Where do our artist materials come from, and where do they go when we are done with them? Might someone else find useful what we consider rubbish? Can we do better together? Read more

News, Sustainability / 31st July 2018

Since our sustainability week earlier this year in March, as part of our commitment to the environment the Bow Arts team have been Read more

News, Sustainability / 8th March 2018

A lot of the green pledges made by Bow Arts staff this week are about living more sustainably – and a big part of that is how we eat. Read more