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A Helping Cycling Hand

Submitted by Education on Tue, 06/01/2015 - 09:44

Our lovely education artist, Emma Buggy, took advantage of a free one-to-one session with cycle trainer, Patrick to build her confidence. This forms part of the Green Team initiative to support our emerging and experienced cyclists via the TfL Cycling Workplace Scheme. Here's how Emma found the session.

I met Patrick, my cycle training teacher at Ruskin park near my house in a biting cold but bright sunny Wednesday morning. We started the lesson by giving my bike a once over and checking that it was safe to ride. He gave me a few tips for checking everything is working well and then we began our lesson. The first session was quite basic but really helped me to think of how to position myself on the road, feel more confident as a road user and how to emergency stop, look over my shoulder and signal. We practiced most of the skills in the park, then took to the side roads for a chance to implement them in reality with cars and people. Patrick was really thorough and made sure he explained things clearly.  He also demonstrated each skill and gave me a chance to practice. I'm looking forward to my next lesson once the weather warms up. Thank you Bow Arts for giving me this opportunity to brush up on my road awareness!

We still have three sessions to give away, as well as upcoming free cycle check ups in January and February.

To book a session or for more information, contact Lydia at


A Bow Arts Green Team Initiative

Supported by the TfL Cycling Workplaces Scheme

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