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A movie star at the gallery

Submitted by bowadmin on Sun, 19/03/2017 - 14:46

This week-end, a very special visitor came to the gallery. He is one of the star of Harrison Boileau’s video Amani : Traces of the Future. Yet I didn’t recognize him, even though I’ve seen it countless times. To be fair, he has changed quite a lot since the images were shot, after all, it has been fifty years…

Daudi Lelijveld’s father worked in Amani for four years in the late 60’s. He was studying the malaria transmission in the Tanzanian rainforest, and brought his family with him.

It must be a moving experience, to visit an exhibition dedicated to the place that hosted part of your childhood ; and to see images of your 10th birthday party in the video and the catalogue, with your own children around you to share this moment with you.

From the beautiful pictures of Evgenia Arbugaeva and Mariele Neudecker, Daudi Lelijveld recognize the station, which according to him hasn’t changed since he was a kid. His comment on the visitor book says it all : “Well it was 50 years ago for me, and such fond memories. Asante sana.”

Asante sana means Thank you very much in Swahili.

Traces of the Future is now entering its last week at the Nunnery Gallery. I highly recommend that you don’t miss it, as you don’t need personal childhood memories to be moved by this gorgeous exhibition.