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Artist Educator Trainee Programme: Autumn Term Round Up

Submitted by Education on Mon, 08/01/2018 - 09:45

Our second cohort of Trainees have completed the first term on the Bow Arts Trainee Artist Educator programme. They have been working alongside a range of professional artists and providing support on projects in Primary, Secondary and Special School settings.

The four Trainees have had the chance to experience Creative PPA sessions, Arts Award, school trips, artist’s studio visits, a consortium celebration event, topic and skills based workshops and afterschool clubs. They have also had the opportunity to plan and deliver an aspect of a workshop in a school, with the support of the lead artist.

The next section of the programme this term will see each of the Trainees paired with an Artist Mentor to closely work alongside and further support their development.

You can read more about each of our Trainees below, and we look forward to sharing with you what they get up to in the Spring term.

Pia Bramley makes ink and charcoal drawings inspired by stories from books and life in London, and is currently developing images into woodcuts and monotypes. 

Pia supporting the Sarah Bonnell Celebration Day

“It was interesting to see how each student approached the activities and to hear their ideas and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed working alongside the teachers and assistants and have enjoyed beginning to learn a bit about how this team support individuals within a group. I found it extremely inspiring.”

Pia Bramley

Ella Hempsted's practice explores three-dimensional works, with a particular interest in soft sculpture. Through crafting and manipulating textures, forms and spaces, she aims to create sculptures that express the physicality inherent in materials. 

Ella working with Bow School students at their after school ceramics club.

“It was beneficial to see how educators will need to be adaptable to sessions and thinking on their feet when plans need to be changed.”

Ella Hempsted

Katherine Leedale’s background is in photography, specialising in imagery for arts organisations, and she is currently exploring collage, apps and digital art, and book-making.

Katherine Leedale supporting the Sarah Bonnell Celebration Day.

“I really enjoyed seeing the nurturing, imaginative and ambitious school environment that was adapted to the group and put their needs and development at the very centre of everything.”

Katherine Leedale

Bettina Fung creates two dimensional, performative and sequential work. Her practice focuses on the performative aspect of drawing, where process is as much a part of the work as the end result. Themes of ritual, liminality, transcendence and Taoist philosophy are subjects of interest.

Bettina Fung working with children from Gallions Primary at RAW Lab

 “It was great to work with materials that I have never used before. This helped me gain confidence in leading activities outside of my practice.”

Bettina Fung