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Arts Award, tea and sympathy

Submitted by Education on Mon, 10/11/2014 - 17:03

We continued our CPD programme for artist educators today with a Monday morning meeting focused on how we can make Arts Award easier to deliver within our education projects in schools. We believe that it’s an excellent way for children and young people to engage with the arts as well as gain a qualification. It is something we’ve successfully incorporated into a number of our projects but there’s always room for improvement and we want to ensure that we are getting it right.

This session formed part of a package of tailored support we are receiving from Trinity College to help us develop our approach to Arts Award. We are lucky enough to be working with arts educator and actor, Libby Liburd, as our resident expert. She is providing plenty of sympathy, practical ideas and and a healthy dose of humour to help us along on our Arts Award journey.

I invited some of the artists who have delivered Arts Award with us to the meeting, and over croissants, juice and tea, we attempted to solve some of the Arts Award-related ‘headaches’ they had reported to us. These included considering effective and fun ways of collecting evidence which do not necessarily rely on writing, and managing time to ensure all sections are covered.

Together we came up with some top tips which I am going to put together and share with our artists delivering Arts Award accredited projects. To give you a taster, these include using colour coded post-its (perhaps a no-brainer), keeping the Arts Award toolkit with you at all times, and making sure we communicate the worth of Arts Award to schools, children and young people right from the get go.

An energising start to the week!

Lydia, Education Projects Manager