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Bow Arts Education Sustainable Arts Projects

Submitted by Media on Wed, 04/03/2020 - 13:10

Bow Arts is working together with schools in Lewisham on sustainable art projects. The schools want students to think about how their art projects, as well as their everyday lives, can be more environmentally friendly by re-using materials. Our Artist Educators are collaborating with teachers and pupils to create innovative and sustainable artworks.

Teachers across our Lewisham consortia of schools have attended two workshops run by artist Nicci James exploring the theme of sustainable textiles. For the first session teachers created natural dyes using beetroot, turmeric and onionskin. The teachers dip-dyed and tie-dyed strips of old cotton, linen and string. In the second workshop, teachers wove the dyed fabrics to create small textured wall hangings with beautiful results. Teachers will bring the skills they have learned to their classes and incorporate sustainable textiles into D&T lessons, craft clubs and mindfulness sessions.

Such a beautiful craft skills to develop and learn – Reception class teacher

St Winifred’s Primary is working with artist Jaimini Patel on a whole school project to create a semi-permanent artwork using recycled materials. Children will build knowledge and skills around contemporary art and 3D making techniques using paper, metal and plastic recycled materials collected by students. The children are working in pairs over the Spring term to make colourful abstract panels using different processes such as twisting, cutting, flattening and sewing. The panels will fit together to make concertina screens creating a bold and colourful installation which can be moved around the school or divided into separate pieces.

By the end there were some beautiful and interesting results. The children had all learnt something new and saw rubbish and the concept of ‘perfection’ in a new light – Bethany Marrett (Artist Educator Trainee)

Bow Arts works with schools across London and we have noticed more and more schools are interested in learning about the environment through eco-friendly projects. Other past and upcoming projects include children learning about melting ice caps by painting with ice and pigment, creating icebergs out of Jesmonite and designing a tree installation that incorporates recycled materials. We’re thrilled that children and teachers are being thoughtful about waste and re-using materials and are passionate about our environment.

I learnt about climate change it needs to stop-Year 6 student

If you are interested in working on a bespoke project for your school, get in touch at or 020 8980 7774