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Bow Arts interviewed by LSE students for research on London Housing

Submitted by Studios on Thu, 30/04/2015 - 11:20

Bow Arts was recently interviewed by LSE students for a research project on London Housing to discuss the history of our Live/Work scheme at Balfron Tower in Tower Hamlets. LSE London has a long legacy of producing influential housing-related research and bringing together key stakeholders involved in London’s most pressing economic and social issues. Read the outcome here.

'LSE London’s year-long project, ‘Housing in London: addressing the supply crisis’, seeks to improve this debate and influence local, London-wide and national housing policy. There is an evident need for improvements in London’s housing market, including more and higher-quality new construction, enhanced affordability, and a better match between households and dwellings.'



 Innovative live/work schemes like the Bow Arts model could increase the range of housing options in London and create a more diverse supply that responds to the city’s wide array of incomes and needs. This model does not just tackle the affordability dimension of the supply crisis, but through art exhibitions and community work also helps activate and preserve local communities, fostering social cohesion and participation.


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Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Assistant