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Bow Arts seeks Marketing Consultants

Submitted by Media on Tue, 02/12/2014 - 10:55

Bow Arts seeks proposals from Marketing Consultants interested in providing services for the Trust

An experienced and highly competent marketing professional is required to help Bow Arts to develop its marketing and promotional work, specifically, first, to deliver a successful campaign around its twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2015, from June onwards, and, second, to advise on future marketing strategy, organisation and resources within the organisation. The assignment is expected to be approximately 9 months in duration, with opportunities for further long term commissions. We propose, below, to initiate the programme with a kickstarter fundraising campaign, though the consultant’s advice and guidance on this strategy is sought.

Proposals are invited in the form of a (1) letter accompanied by (2) evidence of experience and approach, along with (3) a resource proposal indicting the kinds of service, personnel and rates/ costs your company could offer in response to our requirements. Submissions should be made by 16th December 2014.

To discuss the commission, please contact Bow Arts’ Commercial Director Michael Owens on 07976 081012 or email

For full brief please click here PDF (122KB)