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Bow Arts Tea Garden!

Submitted by Studios on Thu, 07/05/2015 - 10:37

So the herb/ tea garden is finally planted! They are small and need some time to grow into themelves before we can use them for fresh teas and flavours but we are proud none the less!


The main success of this small feat is that so many people joined in and we discovered local gems like Tower Hamlets Cemetary Park, who gave us free compost!

The team are aiming to grow this garden and through learning how to propagate- build up over time a more edible garden in the courtyard. We realise we are not a community pathway or a garden that everyone has access too, but hopefully by engaging in these small acts we can engage our small artists community in at the very least discussion, and at best participation.

The Green Team is now looking forward to the rest of the Energy Awareness Campaign and being thoughtful about what we can learn from each act for the future.

The Studios Team is drafting a 'Sustainability' clause for the new studio licence agreements... how else can we engage the arts community that we work with?