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Dream Team - Ania and Karim

Submitted by Education on Wed, 25/10/2017 - 17:00

Bow Arts Artist Ania Bas worked with a small group of Key Stage 3 students and Art Teacher Karim El Salahi from Bow School to lead a two-day holiday programme exploring professional creative practices to increase take up of Art and Design GCSE. 

Karim tells us: “Working with Ania helped provide new perspectives and ideas on creative processes." Ania said: “Thanks to working closely with the teachers I gained an insight into students' needs and had a clarity of what could be achieved in two days with a group of students who do not normally work together.”

One of the project aims was to introduce students to potential career pathways in the creative industries and for them to see and experience artist’s working spaces. For example, the group visited DM Architects studio who provided an introduction to architecture as a career.

Philippe Nguyen from Unlimited Productions also came to Bow Arts office and delivered a presentation to the group about Art Night, a free public Arts Festival - giving insight into another progression route within the arts.

Ania told us: “It was interesting to see young people's reactions to artists, curators, project managers and architects talking about their jobs. This was clearly an eye opening day for them to learn the ins and outs of some of the jobs.”

Karim added: “Collaborating with professionals from outside of the immediate Bow School community provide staff an opportunity for learning new techniques and refreshing subject knowledge. The students benefit from meeting new people and gaining early insight into the world of art.”

Students also visited the studio of artist Jessica Jane Charleston where she introduced her practice and education background before teaching them how to use a letterpress and introducing simple bookbinding techniques. 

The students all had a chance to use the letterpress and print the cover of a zine to take home with them. They additionally took part in workshops back at school with Ania Bas and artist Hannah Thual. The content was then compiled and a collaborative zine was produced.

For Ania, the most successful achievement from the project was the students “understanding that their work does not exist in isolation from everyone else's and that it will be situated within a framework of a zine. By the end of the project they were caring for each others’ work and were making it better together.”

For Karim, success was that fact that “students that took part still have fond memories of the trips made to the artist's studios, which is lovely to hear.  The days spent together also gave me the chance to learn more about the interests and personalities of the students that I work with.”    

The finished zine will be launched at an event at the School in the Autumn term.