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Dream Team - Emily and Amy

Submitted by Education on Mon, 22/10/2018 - 16:16

Artist Emily Tracy worked as Artist in Residence at Hotham Primary School in Spring and Summer 2018 alongside Arts Leader Amy Berryman, staff and children. Each year group took part in workshops linked to curricula topics and every project resulted in a display of work in the school.


Amy explained how the project came about: "Our aims were to develop art within our school, by providing children with exciting projects with an emphasis on teaching art skills." Emily told us: "I worked with Amy and all the teachers across the school to create projects which explored classroom topics through making. Amy supported this process by encouraging me to try new activities and techniques, and at the same time she supported the teaching staff to develop ideas with me."


The impact of having a resident artist in the school was immediately evident as Amy noticed: "There was a real sense of excitement amongst the children and staff during the art projects and it was great to hear conversations in hallways about what they had been learning, the materials they were using and their artwork."


Working alongside a professional artist meant that children and staff could learn about many new materials and techniques and discover the work of a wider range of artists and makers. Emily told us that: "Amy was willing to take risks as she sees making art projects as a valuable process as well as an exciting outcome."


Emily explained how she "brought a flexible approach and a willingness to fit as many creative projects into the classroom as possible" while Amy’s role was to "facilitate the project and be the link between the school, artist and class teachers." When asked about the most successful achievement from the collaboration, Amy said: "I think that the overall success was how enthusiasm for teaching and learning art was raised across the school. Children and staff spoke passionately about their projects and were proud of their work." Emily also noted the pride felt by the children about the work they made and told us: "Some children made massive leaps in confidence and skill levels and gained hugely from displaying their work around the school."


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