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"Everyone is an artist"

Submitted by Education on Mon, 13/06/2016 - 17:18

Students from Central Foundation School in Tower Hamlets were inspired by recent Bow Arts Masterclasses, with one student saying “I have learnt to find inspiration everywhere and that everyone is an artist as we all express ourselves differently.”

Artists Marysa Dowling and Louise Sayarer each worked with small groups of Year 8 students identified as Gifted and Talented in art for one day workshops exploring art skills that they hadn't tried before.

With Marysa, students learnt about the different types of photography beyond documentation. Marysa showed the group how to get the most out of their cameras, and introduced them to the critiquing and editing process in order to collaboratively create sequences of photography.

With Louise, students began with a performative activity in the local park (above), before taking their response to this experience as a starting point to produce individual pieces of work. Students experimented with felt making techniques and working with a range of materials, including wax, latex and natural objects to create their own unique sculptures (below).

The artists both talked about their artistic practices and professional life, giving students a better understanding of the possibilities within art. The talented students' final pieces will now be installed as a display in the school for everyone to see!

“I have enjoyed this project very much as I have learnt new skills and made things I never thought I would be able to.” 

Year 8 student


“I have learnt that there is more to art than painting and drawing”

Year 8 student

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