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How do you make a herb garden from scratch? Phase 1

Submitted by Education on Thu, 23/04/2015 - 16:36

As part of our environmental campaign, we are keen to install our very own herb garden, to liven up lunches, help us brew delicious tea, and encourage a grow-your-own ethic.  Phase 1 is now complete: we have an empty planter, some compost and a some 'herb plugs' which are waiting for their new home.

How did we get here given that we started with a tiny budget and no experience of this kind of project? Well, we started asking around and were amazed by what was on our doorstep...

Marcel, CEO, suggested we empty a planter that we discovered was filled with near-dead grass, bog and bricks. 

We looked on Youtube and the good old Gardeners' World website to get tips on providing adequate lining and drainage.

Rebecca discovered that local community project, Abbey Gardens, in Newham run free workshops where you can learn how to propogate herbs.

A few more members of the team asked if they could adopt the project.

Our fantastic artist educator and landscape gardener, Jane Rogers, provided a whole host of advice, including putting us on to English Garden Herbs, a small outfit which posts out herb plugs.

We found out that our neighbours, Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetary Park, have a huge pile of compost that they are giving away, and our enthusiastic group of colleagues collected some during a sunny lunch.

On casually mentioning this to our friend John Mayson from Manorfield Primary School, we have been offered space to grow more edibles in their gardens, as well as a suggestion of an organic-themed session on their outdoor pizza oven using our herbs.

Who'd have thought that a small seed of an idea would spark so many conversations and connections?

Phase 2 will be completed very soon.