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How we fixed our carbon targets (1)

Submitted by Education on Mon, 29/10/2012 - 00:00

Once we had esablished that we could confidently monitor energy, waste, water and travel at one of our sites, it was time to do some calculations.  We set up an account at Julie’s Bicycle’s IG Tools and began to enter the data.  It involved digging out all our old bills (big thanks to our Finance Administrator).  The bills gave us our kWh consumption of gas and electric for the year, the tonnage of waste collected by our waste contractor and our water usage in litres.  Staff travel was easy to measure (there aren’t many of us) and Julie’s Bicycle provided a default calculation for our ‘audience’.  (We defined the audience as our artists who were renting studios at the site.  We intend to survey them directly soon to establish actual travel.)  We found the figures for 2010/11 and 2011/12, dropped them into the IG Tools calculator, and our carbon emissions for both years were produced. 

Now we had to decide what reduction targets we should aim for.  Our next post will tell you how we went about it…