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I’ve never had that tune by Arctic Monkeys “I go crazy cause here isn’t where I wanna be” stuck in my brain while being in London

Submitted by Nunnery Gallery on Fri, 20/10/2017 - 12:18

I’ve never had that tune by Arctic Monkeys “I go crazy cause here isn’t where I wanna be” stuck in my brain while being in London. Unlike before, like back home when I attended school, especially thinking about those Monday mornings, which I started loving here…maybe because I had that day off.

But honestly, I couldn’t think of any other or better place to work at than the cute little office right here on Bow Road, with the small courtyard I had to pass every morning. I’m going to miss the guys from that little coffee-car next to the station I had to alight, that already knew what I wanted to order when they saw me, so that I only had to pay and grab it, my cappuccino – I’m a real creature of habit. I’m going to miss that daily thought about those “chocolate sprinkles” that aren’t proper chocolate sprinkles for me but basically fancy named, sweet cocoa powder…

Anyways, I know when I’m home I’ll definitely feel the need of running around the gallery next door, the café and back to the office, just to realise that I’d forgotten half of the things I should have done, as well as seeing that perfectly charming alleyway I used to run through.

Literally, everybody I met was so open that it made me feel welcome really fast. I know I’m not good in showing that I feel comfortable – guess I shouldn’t listen to that stupid voice in my head, telling me in full detail what could go wrong if I do or say something – but nevertheless, I never felt off-colour! Truth be told, I really don’t want to go, I just started developing something like a flow… It took a bit to get used to the language, to the people and the work, sometimes I felt like a jerk with a big question mark in my mind…as well as on my face – but I guess that’s normal in a way.

As I think about being normal, actually nothing and nobody is normal here in London. It’s great! It’s probably the best feeling ever. That feeling to walk around in town with that thought in the back of my head, that nobody cares about what I do and how I look. The people here are too fancy to care about my – honestly really not that unusual – style, but back home I sometimes feel out of place… Never had that feeling here, since everybody looks different, instead of everybody looking like each other, except of a few misfits… Well ok, I grew up in the countryside in a village with around 7000 inhabitants, totally different from German cities as well…

…enough of the rambling!

What I haven’t said yet and to sum up what I have tried to explain: I gained great experiences here, whether it was on the street or at the house I shared. Moreover, of course at work, so a huge, heartfelt thank you to each and everybody working at or with Bow Arts for every talk, instruction and also every smile in the morning! All the best, Kim