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Invitation to artists: Bow Arts Education are seeking artworks for young people to destroy

Submitted by Education on Fri, 07/10/2016 - 16:52

We are looking for artists who would like to be part of Destroy, our exciting experiment which explores destruction as a creative act in the school context. Let us know if you're interested by 31st October

Destroy forms part of a long tradition of artists turning towards the process and aesthetics of destruction, including Thomas Hirschorn’s In-Between, Eva Rothschild’s Boys and Sculpture and Marta Minujin’s Destruction of My Works in the Impasse Ronsin, Paris. By challenging taboos around destruction and authorship, Destroy aims to question hierarchies between student and teacher, artist and audience, and process and outcome.

Initiated by artist Poppy Green and Bow Arts Education, we delivered a pilot version of Destroy with Bow School in February 2016. We invited a group of GCSE Art students to systematically destroy and then recreate a piece of Poppy’s sculptural work, The Big Yellow Thing at the Project Space in our Rum Factory studio site. You can watch the film from our pilot here.

Building on the success of the pilot, Phase 2 of Destroy will take place this autumn with a group of Year 9 students from Bow School. We are currently looking for artists to participate in the project by donating a piece of artwork for the young people to destroy. We’d love it if the artist was also up for meeting the group and / or being present while they destroy the piece on Monday 28th November.

For more information, download the proposal here.

If you’re keen to be part of Destroy, please contact Lydia Ashman, Senior Education Project Manager at or on 020 8709 5291 by Monday 31st October.