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Invitation to Schools: PlayGround - Phase 1

Submitted by Education on Wed, 15/06/2016 - 12:11

We are very excited to announce that we are currently seeking three schools to test out PlayGround in the autumn. PlayGround is an interactive, fun and participant-led project for play, performance and learning that Bow Arts Education and Dutch art collective TAAT (Theatre as Architecture, Architecture as Theatre) are developing together. Through the project, we want to support schools to explore the role and value of contemporary art across subjects and school life. 

PlayGround invites students, teachers, staff, parents and artists to build a temporary playing space together using a combination of modular units we are designing, and everyday objects. The group will make independent and collective decisions to continually adjust and re-adjust the shape of the architecture and the order of the objects, creating different constellations.

In this pilot phase, we will prototype both the initial designs of the modular units and the workshop format to inform the project's development. Our aspiration is that PlayGround can be used across a range of contexts to address a number of educational priorities such as community cohesion, cross-curricular learning and Philosophy for Children.

For full details of the project, download our invitation here.

Interested? We are looking for three schools to develop PlayGround with us in November / December 2016, and would like to test the project across EY, Primary and Secondary settings. Let us know if you’re keen to host PlayGround or if you have any questions by contacting Lydia Ashman at or on 020 8709 5291. Please tell us why you are interested and what you hope to get out of it by 15th July 2015.


TAAT are a Dutch art collective who work on the cutting edge of theatre and architecture.

Bow Arts and TAAT are developing PlayGround as part of Tandem Europe, an international cultural managers exchange.

PlayGround forms part of #10Experiments, a series of interventions and activity designed to develop the Bow Arts education programme.