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Isle of Dogs Consortium continues for 2014/15

Submitted by Education on Wed, 12/11/2014 - 17:17

Following on from the success of our work last year with the Isle of Dogs Consortium of schools, we're very pleased to announce that we will continue to work with six schools on the Isle throughout the year to create inspirational learning opportunities for children and young people and raise attainment through exciting artist-led projects.

By working with a group of schools in this unique way, we can pool our resources to provide better value for money; schools also get the opportunity to build relationships with each other and share learning and skills together.

This year we're working with children from Early Years to Key Stage 3; participating schools are Arnhem Wharf Primary, Cubitt Town Infant School,Cubitt Town Junior School. George Green's School, Harbinger Primary and St Luke's Primary. We'll be working with each school on a bespoke artist-led project, as well as cross-school workshops and a programme of professional development for teachers. At the end of the year the work created by the children and young people will be displayed in a public exhibition.

Our work also continues apace with the Poplar Partnership schools, another consortium of nine primary schools and one secondary school in Poplar. As well as a series of bespoke artist-led projects, we're currently working with schools in clusters of three on a weekly after school programme for Gifted & Talented students. Each of the three after school groups are focusing on different aspects of printmaking, and the children are wroking towards their Arts Award Explore qualification.

To find out more about the Consortium model, or if you're interested in working in a similar way, get in touch with us here.