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Learning Journeys in Maths

Submitted by Education on Tue, 24/10/2017 - 16:59

Bow Arts Artist Mark Oliver worked with children and staff at Stebon Primary to develop an immersive maths learning space for the school building. The project formed part of the Poplar Partnership Consortium for 2016/17.

Mark began by observing each class in their Maths lessons, responding to the children’s investigations with a series of illustrations.

He then led cut paper illustration workshops, working with the children to create their own visual representations of their maths learning. Each class had a designated number as a focus for activities, and were encouraged to generate artwork to communicate the information and concepts behind their number.

Mark collaborated with a select steering group of pupils to make final decisions for the installation. They refined and selected artwork from the observations and workshops, to represent the different learning styles and teaching strategies used at each key stage.

The finished pieces, printed on dibond panels, sit on a painted number line that travels across the school. The installation incorporates the project ideas and discoveries, as well as providing a space for open-ended maths enquiry.

                                                                                                                                            Photo: Rob Harris

It looks fab! We are really thrilled with the outcome.

Jeremy Iver, Head Teacher