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Submitted by Studios on Fri, 28/10/2016 - 17:33



We have several studios at the Lee Gate shopping centre in Lewisham available to let. Alongside the ex-office style studios in the tower, there are three shop units on the first floor mezzanine which we are inviting proposals from artists. 


We are looking to fill these spaces with practices that will make use of the open elements of the shop fronts and engage with the surrounding community. The brief is very open and we would be glad to discuss new possibilities. The spaces could be used as a gallery, a communal hub, a studio space for a collective or events and workshops - it's up to you.


We have one other site similar to this, on the Aberfeldy Estate in Poplar where two groups, The People Speak and Evening Class have now settled. With two very different practices but both making fantastic use of the space, it is really an exciting opportunity for us to take on more similar spaces and develop new uses for the old shop spaces. (


The shops will have access to shared bathroom and kitchen facilities between them, and are all located next door to each other. 


Please find below a breakdown of the sizing of each of the spaces and their respective cost:


Studio Number

Size (Square feet)

Total Cost per month (£)

LG- 39



LG- 40



LG- 41




We would like artists, designers and makers to submit brief proposals of any kind by Friday 4th November by 10am to Please ensure you have registered with us beforehand here:

 We will then contact candidates shortly after this date.