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Looking both ways: the close of our Energy Awareness Campaign

Submitted by Education on Thu, 13/12/2012 - 00:00

After 7 weeks, the Bow Arts inaugural Energy Awareness Campaign came to a close yesterday and to mark the occasion, the team got together to review and reflect on it.

We reported on how much money we saved as a result of turning off the heating for a day during our woolly jumper competition (£1.32 per radiator so roughly £8 for the day), discussed the performance of the eco-buttons (the verdict was that they didn’t suit everyone but did raise awareness about putting your computer to sleep when you leave your desk) and introduced everyone to the Bow Arts carbon audit snapshot provided by Julie’s Bicycle.

Everyone was on tenterhooks as the woolly jumper competition winner was announced; our property assistant Marcus won some locally brewed beers for his fantastic effort.

And throughout the campaign, we’d been sending out green facts and tips so we held a quiz ‘How green can you go?’ to test the team’s knowledge on these. The winning group received some fair trade chocolate as their prize.

Finally, we wanted some ideas about where to go next! So we gathered some feedback on what people thought the best thing was about the campaign, what could be improved and practical steps for moving forward. Positive thoughts included cross departmental working on a theme that affects us all – proving again that sustainability connects -, the range and timing of events to keep awareness up, and the fun factor. Many people agreed that in moving forward, we really need to begin to engage our artists and other stakeholders more; swap shops, communicating tangible information about energy usage and an artist bike fix were mooted as practical ideas.

So, whilst the campaign is over, our work is not. We plan to spread the energy awareness further in 2013, so watch this space as to our next moves and (hopefully) successes.


Proud winner of the woolly jumper competition


Smiles all round: Quiz champions receive their choccy