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Making the most of London Art Fair

Submitted by bowadmin on Fri, 20/01/2017 - 11:47

Whether it’s your first time or 10th time attending London Art Fair, there is something for everyone and you’ll always leave wanting more.

London Art Fair is not an exclusive week that excludes those who do not run in immediate art circles with curators, gallerists, art bloggers, designers, artists or a member of the press (the list can go on) – it’s open to all who want to attend.

2017 has so far marked the most diverse and international London Art Fair, seeing galleries from 17 countries being represented in its 29th year history. An achievement within itself, 2017 also marks the first year we exhibited works form Nunnery Gallery – which is an exciting factor within itself.

Each day contains a different atmosphere, which changes depending on your chosen visiting hours – nonetheless you will come across equally eagle-eyed people who like you, are there to absorb the amazing art and possibly make a purchase or two. Throughout the week there will be a variety of events, talks and performances happening, so be sure to bookmark and register to those you wish to see.

Day three of London Art Fair had an array of different talks taking place, and included a performance from our Visions in the Nunnery artist Liam Geary Baulch, with his notorious cheerleading /Sea Squad routine to remind us on the climate change. However the talk entitled ‘Internationalism Through Art – How art can flatten the world’ touched upon more global issues with an impressive (and all international) panel including Farah Nayeri, Guido Maus, Legacy Russell and Miguel Amado.

The fascinating thing about talks is how they allow to you explore your own thoughts, challenging your mind-set with things that may not crop into every day conversation. Though these topics still have a major impact on you regardless on your background or job, such as Brexit there are tactfully introduced in the conversation with the highest respect of all opinions. The panel shared their experiences and opinions of how Britain’s relationship with EU and non-EU countries will develop, how non British people may monetize with the inital drop of the pound, and take advantage with purchasing more art, seeing it as an investment. Artsy Legacy Russell stating after the announcement, she bought herself a piece of artwork from a British gallery.

Opportunities that are presented at London Art Fair are not to be taken for guaranteed because not everyone has access to the opinions of an industry professional, let alone the opportunity to ask them one of their own burning questions.

Besides, London Art Fair can also been seen as a major networking event (which in many respects it is) for those who want to gain more contacts in the art industry whether it be with Galleries or artists themselves. It’s a fantastic week, which has a lot to offer and will only continue to develop. We look forward to what is in store for their 30th year in 2018!

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