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Meeting our neighbours: Bow Arts' Green Team visit FoodCycle

Submitted by Media on Wed, 26/11/2014 - 14:35

Meeting Our Neighbours

A Visit to “Pie in the Sky”

Last Thursday Nanda and I made a stop at the “Pie in the Sky Café,” a community hub just a ten minute walk from Bow Arts Trust. The café, under the umbrella of FoodCycle, is a charity that brings together volunteers, surplus food, and available kitchen spaces. We found their Bromley-by-Bow location is a great place for a nicely priced bite to eat and a delicious cup of hot chocolate! We met Nicola Corney, the café manager, who welcomed us to the space and told us the centre has been saving food from landfills and cooking up delicious lunchtime treats for about 3 ½ years. Located in the Bromley-by-Bow community centre, the café is surrounded by fresh green space and mosaic art, an eclectic spot in the heart of the East End.

A few facts about food waste:

According to the Foodcycle website, there is an estimated 20 million tonnes of food wasted every year in the UK, and about 90 million tons of food wasted across the EU. The number of food thrown away by industrialised nations is about the same amount of net food production of sub-Sarahan Africa. On average, each British family throws away six meals every week. 

Pie in the Sky is putting a dent in that number by serving fresh, healthy, and vegetarian meals made of surplus ingredients to all who come by between 8:30am-3:30pm. On top of that, Foodcycle offers volunteer opportunities to those who need it most, working with the Bromley-by-Bow Centre Employment service among others to give opportunities and training to young people, helping them find connections to get jobs.

All in all it was a great trip, and I’ve already been back again to the café for lunch. Here’s to tasty food and less waste!

For more information about the Foodcycle movement, visit

Martha Orlet & Nanda Poleon