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MEGA HAMMER @ Glasgow International Opening Party

Submitted by Nunnery Gallery on Thu, 07/04/2016 - 13:30

Several Bow Arts studio artists are involved in the Opening Ceremony at GI tonight!

Live/work performance artist Metter Sterre will be performing  the piece "What I  didn't do for Halloween" whilst Bow Road studio artist Marta Bakst has contributed to create some of the backdrops for the event.




at The Art School

For Glasgow International 2016 MEGA HAMMER will transform The Art School (GSAs venue) into an ad hoc theatre for one night!   MEGA HAMMER is an event that creates a space for pure expression, bringing together a group of artists with shared interests. Performers will demonstrate aspects of a lifestyle based on DIY, death metal, low budget and pure expression and are expecting the audience will feel as if Valkyries have swept through the room.

Music by Culture&Leisure; paleo-futurist canapés by Debjani Banerjee, Daniel Brown and Jenny Hogarth; backdrops by  Michael Fullerton, Marta Bakst and Jedrzej Cichosz; performances by Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Jedrzej Cichosz, Baptiste le Chapelain, Victoria Pacheco Beristain, Zoe Walker, Neil Bromwich, Stasis, Been Caught Stealing Panache and more.

Programmed as part of the Glasgow International opening party.

Glasgow International

Marta Bakst