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Mei Lan's Work Experience

Submitted by Education on Fri, 12/09/2014 - 13:31

This week, Mei Lan, a Year 11 student from Langdon Park School in Tower Hamlets, spent a week with Bow Arts on work experience. Here's what she got up to:


On the first day of my work experience I got to go around the artist studios and Nunnery Gallery with the property team to do the weekly fire alarm checks. When I went around the artist studios I saw some amazing work - leather bags that they had made themselves and printmaking and carvings. Then I worked with the Education team helping out on their Autumn term mail out to lots of the schools that they work with. I also helped the property team getting ready for their big Open Studios event happening on Friday in their Bermondsey studios.


I started off by looking through images from different Primary and Secondary school projects and selecting three or four images that looked really good. The idea is that these will go up onto a Google Map, so that when people select the location of the school, they will be able to see an example of projects they have done with Bow Arts. After this I went down to Wellington Primary School to help out an artist called Poppy. I worked with two Year 5 classes. The year 5 classes were making sketch books out of recycled material, e.g for the cover and back of their books, they use cardboard boxes and for the pages inside they used materials like plastic bags, some bubble wrap and some tissue paper. These were used to show that they can use anything to make a sketch book instead of going to buy it in the shops. I got to experience how it felt to work as a support artist, and I quite enjoyed it because helping out the kids was fun. The best thing was I got to work with the kids and I also got to make my own sketch book as well. It was challenging but it was good because I got to meet new faces.


I got to experience my first ever staff meeting, it was a great experience because I got to see how it feels to be part of a meeting and part of a team. Afterwards I went down to a new school for Bow Arts, Calverton Primary and met Poppy again. I helped her out with two Year 4 classes who were doing an art project about the Romans. When Poppy was talking to the children about Roman sculpture I even felt inspired to make my own work! I also got to learn a lot of new facts that I never knew before.


I went back to Wellington Primary School (below) to help a different artist called Emma. I helped another two Year 4 classes and helped one Year 6 class. The first Year 4 class I worked with were very nice and I really enjoyed it. I even had a favourite! After this I went down to Manorfield Primary to experience another meeting, but this one was very different because instead of having the meeting inside they had it outside with a campfire! It was very different, but I really enjoyed it as I never had done it before, also I got to have marshmallows at the end.


I’ve started the day by writing this post, which was a challenge! Later on I’m going down to Bermondsey with the education team to help them out setting up the open studios that they are having, which I am excited for because it sounds great!

My week in Bow Arts has been amazing!  I enjoyed everything about my experience. I got to experience how it feels to be in an office, learning new organisation skills. But I also got to experience being an artist working at different primary schools, learning how to interact with new people. I also learnt how to be independent. Thank you to Bow arts for taking me in.

Mei Lan was a great help to the team and we wich her all the best with her GCSE's. Thanks Mei Lan!